SEMA 2018 | EXTREME DAY TWO | Restyling and Off Road Accessories
SEMA 2018 | EXTREME DAY TWO | Restyling and Off Road Accessories
01 Nov, 2018 by extreme-admin

I wanted to follow up Day One – Lamborghini Centenario at SEMA 2018.

Day two of SEMA was really fun. I attended a SEMA educational class where some industry leaders, in automotive aftermarket, spoke about the current trends in restyling, and where the trends are heading in the future.

They also spoke about a new program they offer where they provide sales training (via manual & online) and once the training is complete, my Client Advisors can be SEMA certified in proper sales practices.

Extreme Colors Auto Spa has joined SEMA and their “PRO” group. The Pro group is similar to a master mind group where people in the industry partake in sharing knowledge via teleconferencing and meeting up a few times a year.


I will also be able to sit on their council and do talks where I will get to speak before groups of business owners and will be able to share my knowledges with them (like the one I attended).


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