At Extreme Colors, we specialize in Automotive PAINT CORRECTION, CLEAR BRA, and COATINGS. We can correct your paint blemishes such as swirls, acid rain, over-spray, water spots, tree sap, and micro-scratches, utilizing our 7-step Total Enhancement & Protection Package service. We can protect your car or truck's paint with Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film, which is a virtually invisible 8 mil thick thermoplastic vinyl (clear bra) that we install to high-impact areas, on your car or truck, that are vulnerable to rock chips, bug acid, and damaging road debris. We can protect your entire vehicle with Ceramic Pro, which is a permanent protective coating, that makes your paint look and feel like glass, while resisting contaminants. This coating is similar to a Teflon coating. We are Xpel, 3M, & Ceramic Pro Certified and the Official Paint Protectors for BMW Mfg/PC.

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