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Greenville Job Fair | Machinist to Multi-Millionaire
Greenville Job Fair | Machinist to Multi-Millionaire
21 Apr, 2022 by extreme-admin

It’s only fitting that our display car, for the Greenville  Job Fair, is this XPEL STEALTH wrapped Lamborghini Huracan because it is owned by one of our very affluent customers, who dropped out of college because he was “bored”. He started out as a machinist and eventually turned that skill into an empire that now supports colleges, hospitals, and many non-profits.

It’s vital that our youth are encouraged to explore skilled trades vocations because the U.S. has about 4 million vacancies for jobs that do not require a college degree. And many of these jobs pay great wages while also providing opportunities for growth and promotion.
We’re thankful for our doctors, teachers, engineers, and everyone else who attended college in order to fulfill a career that required it.

And we’re also thankful for our electricians, plumbers, technicians, and all other skilled trades workers because the world needs both! And both are EQUALLY important, both are rewarding, and both have huge earning potential.

Greenville Job Fair

The work we do at Extreme Colors Auto Spa is performed by highly skilled individuals and we provide on-the-job-training for those who can pass our rigorous pre-employment screening and assessment.

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