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Extreme Job Fair Event Recap
Extreme Job Fair Event Recap
10 May, 2022 by Doug Payne

The Extreme Job Fair Was a Huge Success!

Many enthusiastic candidates attended our Extreme Job Fair so they could see the work we do “behind-the-scenes.”

Max and Cody Demonstrating to Candidates the PPF Install Process
After passing through registration, they entered into our Team Extreme Lobby where they were served fresh Dunkin Donuts, water, & coffee.

Plenty of Donuts, Coffee and Water for All Who Attended
From there they were lead into our PPF Lab and were given a presentation outlining the Extreme hiring process. We explained the type of individual we’re looking for, the reason why they should find work they love, and we gave an Extreme example of success from a skilled trades worker who went from a machinist to a multi-millionaire.

Cody Explains the Hiring Process and Motivates Candidates to Love What They Do
They were then brought into our Ceramic Coatings Lab and given a demonstration of the work we do. The car we used for the demonstration was furnished by our friends at the BMW Performance Center.

Max Demonstrates How We Install Paint Protection Film (PPF)
The candidates saw first-hand what the job of PPF Tech, Window Tint Tech, and Paint Correction/Coating tech looks like.

They were then advised to fill in an “I’m Interested Form” on the way out, if they were still interested after having seen the work “in action” that we’re hiring for.

Blaze Demonstrates the Ceramic Coating Process
This is the first phase of our multiphase hiring process and so far so good!

Thanks to the BMW Performance Center and Gibbs International for supporting this event and helping us to highlight skilled trades careers in the Upstate of SC.

Interested in Automotive PAINT CORRECTION, CLEAR BRA, and COATINGS with us on your Car?