BMW X7 Performance Center Delivery Customer Drives to Alaska
BMW X7 Performance Center Delivery Customer Drives to Alaska
11 Mar, 2021 by Doug Payne

The BMW Performance Center offers a no-cost option to those who purchase a new BMW so the customer can learn all about their new vehicle. We recently had a customer pick up his new X7 from the Performance Center and bring it to us after his delivery. He lives in Alaska and he decided to fly to Greenville to pick it up so he could experience the Performance Center delivery. He planned this trip for years and was ecstatic that it was finally time!

BMW Zentrum Across from the BMW Performance Center

He decided during his planning that he would get the ultimate protection his X7 deserves right from the start. Considering his 6,000+ mile trip to Alaska would start the week after he landed, he decided clear bra paint protection was an absolute must. He decided to get our Cross Country XPEL Clear Bra Package along with the multi-piece rocker panel package for optimal protection against rock chips and other debris on the high-impact areas of his vehicle.

XPEL Clear Bra Installation

We then put our Full Ceramic Coating Package onto the entire vehicle to help it stay glossy, be easier to clean and help protect his paint, glass, wheels and plastics from whatever the vehicle will encounter for both its hike to Alaska and years to come. As for the customer himself, our window tint will keep him protected from the sun’s UV rays while also giving the already beautiful X7 a nice contrast in color. We tinted all the side windows, back glass and windshield with XPEL’s PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint – a ceramic window film that offers up to 98% IR heat rejection, up to 99% UV rejection and has an SPF equivalent to 1,000.

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint Installation

When he dropped off his X7 to us, he had mentioned that he would like us to take a couple of photos and videos to help him document his experience on an online forum that he would continuously update to show the readers his trip to South Carolina, the Performance Center delivery experience, our work at Extreme Colors Auto Spa, and his long, two-week+ trip back home to Alaska! Our team put it into high gear and got straight to work on his X7. Along the way, we took many videos and photos to help the customer document his epic experience. At the time this was written, he was still on his way back home. If you would like to read his post, you can do so by clicking here.

Final Quality Inspection

The Performance Center offers its customers complimentary food, transportation, a night at the hotel, track time accompanied by a professional instructor, and a thorough overview of their new vehicle. If you would like more information on the BMW Performance Center delivery experience, check out their website by clicking here.

If you’re planning a BMW Performance Center delivery and you’d like your road trip home to be pleasurable and stress-free, please call us as soon as you have your delivery date so we can get you on our schedule! If you want more information about our Performance Center paint protection services, take a look by clicking here.

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