Paint Protection Film

When you hit the road, make sure it doesn't hit back. Paint protection film is a virtually invisible urethane film that protects your vehicle's paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value.

And Extreme Colors has been and will continue to be the elite paint protection film installer in the Upstate. Here's why:

The Film:
We only use premium paint protection films. Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film is our go-to film. It offers the clearest protection with a zero orange peel finish which leaves the film virtually invisible. It's stain and discoloration resistant so bird droppings, air pollution, and road grime will never leave the film stained or yellowed. Its is self healing, so the advanced clear coat heals over time, eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches. It has the longest warranty, covering for 10 years and is guaranteed not to yellow, stain, crack, blister, or delaminate. This warranty is nationwide and will be honored of by any Xpel certified dealer. 

The Patterns:
Prior to having paint protection film (PPF) installed, the installer has to download a pattern from a pattern supplier. There are many pattern suppliers in the marketplace. These pattern suppliers engineer a pattern based on each individual vehicle. They measure the areas that are going to be covered with PPF, then design a pattern that will accurately fit the vehicle. Not all pattern suppliers are created equal. We only use Xpel brand patterns because we believe they produce the best, most accurate fitting patterns with the least amount of seams. We pay more for these patterns and since they have less seams, they are usually more difficult to install. We believe it’s worth it in order to turn out a very high-end product.

The Installer:
In the paint protection film industry, as in any industry, there are many different skill levels. You can have the best film, you can have the best patterns, but if you have the wrong installer, you will not have a good product. Our installer was trained and certified by 3M™ in 2005. Most of the installs he’s been doing has been at a local, high-end dealership. He’s done over 1000 Mini Coopers and BMW’s. He has also installed PPF on most other makes and models as well.

The Company:
Many times we get customers who decide they want paint protection film on their car only after getting a few chips in the paint. At Extreme Colors, we can repair those chips prior to doing the PPF install! We will match your paint to factory color using our advanced paint mixing technology, then repair the damage. That way, you’ll start off with a clean slate. Your car will look great and be protected from future damage.

At Extreme Colors, we combine the best film and patterns, with the best talent, ensuring that you get the best paint protection film product available.

Also, Extreme Colors is the official paint protection film installer for BMW Manufacturing Performance Center.

Installing PPF

After PPF Application

"Doug Payne and his crew at Extreme Colors Auto Spa provide a level of service that is not found anywhere in the upstate. The Audi Brand is known for "attention to detail" in their cars. Extreme colors does no less. They provide exceptional care and attention to their work whether they are detailing, restoring or wrapping a car. Our customers are highly pleased with all aspects of their work. We are happy to work with such a dependable and reliable company. They truly care about the people they take care of. I highly recommend their work!"
- Jim Kirby, Audi Brand Specialist at Audi Greenville