Ceramic Coating For Your Car, Truck or SUV
Ceramic Coating For Your Car, Truck or SUV
08 Feb, 2022 by Doug Payne

A Ceramic Coating is not for everyone, or every car. If you use your car to get you from point A to point B and see it merely as a vehicle to make that happen, then ceramic coatings may not be for you, or your vehicle. 

But… If you love your car, truck, or SUV then you will want to learn more about Ceramic Coatings and how it can protect your vehicle. Let’s start with the basics… 

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is often referred to as a “nano-coating”, which is a unique chemical compound composed of silica and titanium dioxide. Together these two components form an incredible bond, at an atomic level creating what could be considered as a barrier that water cannot penetrate. 

Cleaning and preparing the paint surface is required before it is applied. Once applied to the clean paint surface of your car, truck or boat, it bonds with it. It will not break down over time and does not wash away like wax does. What it does is protect the surface underneath and increase the depth and clarity of the paint. 

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Extreme Colors Auto Spa Ceramic Coatings provides a more durable, longer lasting and more protective coating than any old wax ever would. Like all things of value, you must continue to maintain it well. This means regular and routine washings. It is a fantastic water repellent, but can still have dust and dirt build up. But washing is so much easier.

Are there different warranty lengths?
Yes! And we can apply the FUSION Plus Ceramic Coating to multiple surfaces in addition to the paint or auto body. The Extreme Colors Auto Spa shop in Greenville, South Carolina has both a 5 Year and a 10 Year service available. Our 10 Year Coating includes 2 layers of the FUSION Plus Ceramic Coating on the paint surface. And also includes FUSION Ceramic Coatings for the wheel faces, windshield & glass, and plastic trim & lenses. 

If you are like many of our other enthusiasts that enjoy the physical process of taking care of your car, then you will find ongoing maintenance to be more of a dream. Less labor and less time to clean and more time to drive and enjoy your ride. Have you seen the video we developed to better help you maintain your ceramic coated car, truck or SUV?  Check it out… 


We believe in coming alongside you to maximize your investment and to achieve the greatest return on your investment and “Maximum Glossyness” as our CMO Doug Payne says. You would be well served to check out our Extreme Steps To The Perfect Car Wash video. 

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