About Us

Everyone loves to drive a new car, and Extreme Colors Auto Spa is helping Upstate customers drive one every day. The owner, Doug Payne, and his crew are helping to protect customers’ cars from the wear and tear of everyday driving.

Extreme Colors offers paint correction, glossification, paint protection, ceramic coating, and window tinting. One of the company’s specialties is its “clear bra” protection, which protects the paint on cars and keeps them looking new.

Doug Payne, owner of Extreme Colors, was brought to the car business by following in his father’s footsteps. His dad was a highway patrolman, and so was Doug for a while.  However, it was his dad’s love of cars that most peaked his interest.

“My dad restored old Corvettes,” Payne remembers. “I used to help him as a kid.  That’s what made me want to work on cars.”

In 1995, Payne’s dreams of having his own business came true. Now, he’s giving back to the younger generation of car lovers, the way his dad did when he was young.

“We’re taking these younger guys and teaching them a skilled trade,” Payne says. His own son, Blake, has joined the business as well.

When Doug and Blake are not improving and protecting local cars, they are spending time with their family. Doug and his wife, Laura, are also raising a daughter, Kayleigh, who is a student at Bob Jones High School.

Payne is the owner of two Extreme Colors locations—one in Greenville and the other in Simpsonville. The company services the automotive pride of the Upstate at BMW Mfg/PC.

“We’re their official paint protector,” Payne says. “That has been huge for us locally.”

Payne has been a Greenville resident all his life. He’s seen Greenville grow into a thriving city, and Greenville has seen him turn his passion into a successful business. “The growth we’re having here is incredible,” Payne says.

What began as his father’s love of cars has become Doug Payne’s path to present success, and he is passing that passion along to the next generation.


Extreme Colors is a mobile paint repair shop.